Killscream/Angered Crowd/ND4SPD


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Дата: 6 Июля 2019, 20:00 Суббота
Цена: 50 лей


KillScream is ukrainian groove metal band formed in 2012. During band’s history was released 4 EPs. Last one EP was released in April 2019 and it named 'Space As True Anger Nature'. KillScreaM’s music style based on mix of old school metal bands and new wave metal scene. As a result the band has tight, punchy sound with dynamic drums and aggressive guitar riffs.

Angered Crowd (KIEV)
Groove/Death metal band was formed in the end of 2015.
For the years of existing band performed alot at local gigs, fests.

Need4Speed death grind boyz from Chisinau

Data: 06.07.19
Ora: 20:00
Support artist: 50 MDL


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