Triple Birthday 2019


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Data: 4 Iulie 2019, 18:00 Joi
Preț: 500 lei
Telefon Informații: 060 619 777


The time has come again to celebrate Smokehouse's Tripple Bday Event!! Smokehouse, Vlad Suleanschi and The USofA are all having birthdays in the same week and so it's time again for a party!!

In case you were wondering...
Smokehouse (4 yrs) | Vlad (32 yrs) | The United States (243 yrs)

So how will our party work? Well we decided to do it right on July 4th (Thursday) to liven up everyone's week a bit. Here's the plan:

Tickets - buy in advance or at the door (while they last) 500 lei / person

1) Anniversary BEER!! Brewed in collaboration with Sunstone and Tenemu Brewery we will have a West Coast IPA for our birthday!!
2) Open bar on x4 Draft Brews (including the anniversary beer), select cocktails and shooters
3) FOOD!! we will do a special July 4th Menu of Grilled and Fried Chicken, hot dogs, traditional American sides and more!
4) LIVE MUSIC - we'll have some great tunes to enjoy (Artist TBD)
5) Games!! We will have beer pong as well as other beer games through the night!

Finally, we will host Moldova's First Annual *HOTDOG EATING CHAMPIONSHIP* This is a traditional American July 4th Event and will involve up to 5 contestants (register below) battling to see who can eat the most hot-dogs in 8 minutes. The winner will be crowned "Hot Dog Eating Champion 2019" and will enjoy a number of unique prizes such as...
* A permanent Custom Smokehouse Mug with the title "Hot Dog Champion 2019" on it. Good for 10% beer discount for life.
* A champion's t-shirt
* A medal to show off to their friends :)

Register here - first come first served

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