Stop motivating the employees


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Data: 22 Octombrie 2019, 18:00 Marți
Preț: 150 lei
Telefon Informații: 068 999 608 / 060 889 089 (L-V, 09:00 - 17:00)


This is an informative and practical workshop on how you can be an empowering, effective leader or colleague … who doesn’t have to motivate people.


  • Project managers
  • team leaders
  • HR
  • CEO
  • coordinators
  • and/or everyone interested in more flat and self-managed teams.

It’s no secret that the way we’re working is failing: Gallup’s latest studies tell us that only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged at work; productivity is down and people are burning out at work. 

At the many of us have this question at the top of our minds and agendas: "how can I make my colleagues more motivated/responsible/engaged?"

In the workshop you will discover how you can view leadership and its role in an empowering way that stimulates engagement and adult-adult relationships in the team. And what new skills leaders today need to develop. You will also get hands-on tips on what you can do differently that you can put into effect straight away.

Is your vision to develop an organisation with highly motivated, self-driven, engaged and responsible employees? If so, we look forward to meeting you and introducing a way of leadership that develops successful teams.

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